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Jul 16, 2015

We need faster speeds for cable Internet!

Steaming video and music and video conferencing is going to be easier as Comcast announces major new speed boosts

Comcast increases speeds – Comcast is increasing Internet The company will increase the speed of its popular Blast! tier by 50 percent to 75 Mbps and introduce a new Extreme 150 Mbps speed tier.
Michelle Gilbert, a Comcast Regional Vice President, tells us:
- When and where the increases will occur
- How to reset your modem to take advantage of it
- How fast the new services are in terms of downloading bug files
- The new Gigabit Pro service, a professional- grade residential fiber-to-the-home solution that leverages its fiber network to deliver 2 Gbps upload and download speeds.
- And a new 1 GB tier that will soon be coming to residential customers
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Also this week...
News of the Week
Amazon’s Prime Day Fail – Amazon promised sales that were better than Back Friday on this week’s Prime Day. The consensus online: Few real deals, lots of junk… a major fail

Netflix to Boost rates – Netflix is growing fast but so will subscription costs as it adds more original programming

Microsoft consolidates stores – No more store confusion for Micrososft users. All the different Microsoft online shopping sites are being consolidated into one central site

Apps of the Week
Three3 apps that let you record phone calls from your smartphone -
Automatic Call Recorder allows users to simply record any or all calls. You can choose to save or delete calls in the app’s inbox – even add notes to calls and integration with Google Drive and Dropbox allows calls to be saved and synced to the cloud. The app is free for Android. A $6.99 pro version with additional features is available.

Clever Mobile’s Call Recorder allows users to record, play, and delete recorded phone calls. You set up where recordings are stored and can protect them with a password. The app is free for Android with a $5.99 pro version available.

For iPhone users, there’s TapeACall Pro. The app allows users to record calls already in progress or that are about to be made. Once the call is completed, recordings are instantly available and ready to be shared or saved. TapeACall Pro is $9.99 a year.

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