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Award winning reporter "PC Mike" Wendland, host of the PC Mike Techcast seen on NBC-TV stations nationwide, explores the latest in personal technology with no "geek speak."
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Oct 29, 2015

PCM 37: Is Apple TV really "the future of television?"
The new Apple TV is available in stores and while it is indeed pretty cool, it does lack some important things.
PC Mike tells you what you need to know before buying.
Also, we talk about:
-A cool app that will tell you if someone has died in your house
- How Apple just kicked off 250 apps that were spying on users
- A Windows 10 Update is on the way
- Podcasts are coming to Google Play for Android users
- Paul Ulerich, the "Uber User," talks about switching your phones operating system
-We review three apps that will help you find restaurants and make reservations. PC Mike tells his favorite app and cautions us about why you can't necessarily trust online reviews
In the main interview this week, Mike tells to Cybersecurity Advocate Heather MacKinnon from about precautions we need to take to make sure our mobile devices are not infected with malicious apps.
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Oct 21, 2015

PCM36 What You Need to Know About the Cloud
A No Geek--Speak explanation about what the cloud is and why and how you should use it
Our guest is Bill Fisher from a great online learning service called, which offers free classes on computer and Internet basics. Bill and PC Mike discuss the ins and outs of the cloud, addressing security concerns, usage and the future of cloud computing.
In the news of the week, PC Mike weighs in on:
- The Feds are About to to Require Drone Registration
- There's a new Drone weapon out that can "shoot" down drones
-Apple TV is about to reinvent TV viewing
-Facebook Promises to Alert You if the Government is spying on your Facebook account
-Facebook is working on a fix to its iPhone battery gobbling app
-How to make your iPhone battery last longer
-The latest on Microsoft's super hot Surface Pro combination tablet and laptop computer
Also, Mike shares three apps that will hep you better manage your smartphone's data usage so you don't go over your cap.
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Oct 15, 2015

PCM35 Apple VS Microsoft, iOS VS Android
The Tech News this week seems to be focusing on rivalries. We tell you the latest as Apple and Microsoft go head-to-head and Android tries to best the iPhone.
We talk specifically about:
- The release date for the iPad Pro and why Apple hopes it reverse its lackluster financial this year
- How the response for the just announced Microsoft Surface Book laprop/tablet has been so overwhelming that delivery has now been pushed from Oct. 26 to five to six weeks in the future
-An FBI Investigation into Fantasy Sports Betting seems to be a reality as the scandal involving the popular pastime keeps boiling
-The iPhone 6S camera is bested by Android cameras
-85% of Android devices have at last one security vulnerability
Plus, tech reviews and the apps of the week.
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Oct 7, 2015

Has Apple lost it's Mojo? PC Mike thinks so. And Microsoft seems to have stolen it away.

In this episode of the podcast, Mike outlines some of the problems and issues Apple has been having lately, many centered around a general lack of innovation.

Mike is so disappointed that he's actually thinking of changing his entire technology ecosystem from Apple to Windows.

Why does he think Microsoft has become the hottest tech company today? A big reason can be seen in Microsoft's recent product announcements. Giving us five takeaways from that big event is Sean Michael from

Plus, we have reviews of cool bluetooth speakers and some handy apps that can remind you of maintenance chores you need to do around your house to get ready for cold weather.

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Paul Ulreich, Verizon's "Uber User," tells us about Bluetooth Speakers

Here’s the three Paul reviews:


PC Mike Producer Andrew Dietderich reviews three home maintenance apps.

Home Maintenance Schedule Pro helps you keep track everything from when you should flush your water heater and inspect fire extinguishers to when you should have your chimney swept and tune up your furnace. It also includes a list of maintenance that should be done annually or every six or three months. The app is $1.99 for Android.

For Apple devices, the Home Maintenance app alerts you to what needs maintenance or repair. Choose from the app’s predefined list of suggested maintenance tasks or create your own. Home Maintenance also keeps a record of repairs so you will never have to wonder about things like when it was that you last changed your furnace filters. The app is $4.99.

For both iOS and Android, the HomeKeepr app sets up reminders for all your home maintenance tasks. HomeKeepr also has a directory of local home improvement specialists should you need additional help. The app is free.

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