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Sep 30, 2015

PCMike 33: The Mobile Pay Revolution Has Begun
Dump those fat wallets and exchange them for your mobile wallet
Samsung and Apple are about to change forever the way goods and services are bought in the U.S..
The two may be competitors but their unique ways of using mobile pay is about to transform retail in the U.S. From Apple Pay to the just activated Samsung Pay, consumers are going to be able to have safer, more secure ways to pay for goods (much safer than handing someone your credit card) and they're going to be able to get special discounts and rewards that - besides convenience - will make it worthwhile.
Our main guest for this episode of the PC Mike Podcast is Silvio Tavares, CEO and President, The CardLinx Association. a nonprofit that works to educate consumers and retailers about various electronic forms of payment and loyalty programs. They recently put out a report called "Mobile Pay 101," and Tavares will explain why you will want this technology and want it right now.
Plus, Mike has the latest on Apples new El Capitan operating system, news that Twitter will soon let you use more than 140 characters and a strange case in Australia where the "unfriending" of someone was judged to be bullying.
Andrew Dietrich also checks in with the apps of the week and Verizon Uber User Paul Ulreich reviews three very cool types of bluetooth earphones.
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Sep 22, 2015

PCM32: iPhone tricks, iOS9 and how to keep email private
PC Mike Wendland delivers the tech news of the week with a whole bunch of great tips.
This week, he tells us how the free email providers like gMail, Yahoo and Hotmail profit from your "free" accounts by eavesdropping on your email and then delivering targeted ads to you based on what you are writing about. He offers up an email service that can keep your email private.
Plus, with PC Mike Producer Andrew Dietderich, this episode suggests some new third party apps w=that work with Apple's new iOS9 to block unwanted ads and - in the process - save your battery life.
Speaking of which, Andrew shares some little known tips on how to make your iPhone battery last longer.
Verizon Wireless Uber User Paul Ulerich checks in with a report listing the things about the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus that may cause you to upgrade.
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Sep 10, 2015

PCM31 Breaking down Apple's "Incredible" Yawner of an Event

It wasn't "incredible" - despite the gazillion times Apple's presenters used the adjective. We dissect each of the product announcements.

We review and discuss the new:

- Apple Watch update and accessories

- The extra large-sized Apple iPadPro

- The $99 Apple Pencil accessory 

- The redesigned Apple TV

- The new iPhone6S and iPhone 6 Plus S

We were, to put it mildly, underwhelmed.

Despite the fact that PC Mike is a huge Apple fanboy, he's disappointed in the overt-hyped Apple event and the products displayed.

Also this week, we have three apps that we review t help you record and edit audio files and we answer a listener question about backing up her important files.

In our "Thingamajog" of the Week section, we talk about the latest GoPro Silver camera and its many see and features.

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Sep 3, 2015

PCM30 Apple Watch: What to Know Four Months In

What you need to know about the way the Apple Watch is really being used and whether it is right for you

Depending on who you ask, there have been 3-4 million Apple Watches sold in the first four months of availability.

So, do those sales numbers make it a hit or a bust?

And how is it really being used, by real people?

To find out, PC Mike talks to Bernard Desarnauts, Founder of, which has been measuring the way the Apple Watch wearing community uses the device.

We learn about new apps about to come out for the Apple Watch, plus the things users don't like about it.

Besides this, we have lots of tech news, answer audience questions and share some great apps to help you make better meals.

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