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Aug 18, 2015

PCM29: Now You have to Worry About Ransomware!

Digital thieves lock you out from your own computer and demand a ransom to get them back

It's another scam to worry about and it is happening thousands of times a day. We interview a victim and tell you what you need to do to protect yourself.

Plus Tech News of the week:

Cord cutters dumping cable: New screens are getting their loyalty

Video games and aggressive behavior: Psychologists label it a "risk factor"

Amazon disputes accuracy of NYT story: Jeff Bezos says his company isn't nearty as bad as the New York Times says.

App of the Week: Battery saving apps for your smartphoneApps of the week review

Apps to improve the battery life of your smartphone

A review of Samsung's newest smartphone and phablet

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Aug 12, 2015

PCM28 Your Internet Addiction may be a form of mental illness

More and more of us just can't put our Internet devices down. It's time to get a grip on the problem of Internet addiction.

Many mental health experts now think compulsive Internet use is a form of mental illness.

In this week;s episode, we give you some very helpful tools that will help you find out  if you have a problem with the way you use the Internet and  technology.

That's one of a bunch of topics we tackle this week, including:

- The staggering number of Facebook users whose accounts are hacked or compromised every day

- The new Apple iPhones expected to be announced in a couple weeks

- Why LOL is no longer the way most people express laughing when texting

- What Google's new holding company Alphabet means to Internet users

Plus a report from our Uber User on some apps that will keep you connected to the latest football news

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Aug 6, 2015

PCM25: Five Tips Every Windows 10 User Needs to Know Now!

Windows 10 is all new...yet familiar...and, sometimes, confusing. In this episode, we tell you what you need to know about it right now.

First, we answer listener questions about:

-A Samsung Note 4 that won't play video

-An Apple Watch that has lost connection with its iPhone

Also this week...

-In news of the week, we talk about another study linking cancer to cellphone use, hacking vulnerabilities affecting 950 million Android Phones, the latest on Apple's new streaming music service and a hot new printer from Epson that does away with the money-sucking ink cartridges.

- In the "Thingamajig-of-the-Week" section, Verizon Uber User Paul Ulerich talks about some handy tools he uses for his life on the go.

- PC Mike Procucer Andrew Dieterich checks in with reviews of apps that will speed up your tablets and smartphones by deleting junk files.

- And Mike interviews Editor Sean Michael about the top five features new users of Windows 10 need to know.

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