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Nov 4, 2015

PCM38 PC Mike's Device of the Year: iPadPro or Surface Book?

PC Mike is agonizing, as he gets ready to pick the device of the year. Will it be Apple's new iPad Pro or Microsoft's hot new Surface Pro combination laptop/tablet?

Both devices are about to be released and are expected to be hot sellers this holiday season.

Mike likes both and is waiting to get his hands on them to make his choice for the annual TV report he does after Thanksgiving picking the "Device of the Year."

In this episode, he talks about how impressed he is with Microsoft's technological resurgence and its innovative new Surface tablets, as well as its solid new Windows 10 operating system.

He also talks about why he loves Apple products, including the new Apple Watch.

Other topics covered in this episode:

-Apple's massive $53.4 annual profit make it the biggest, richest corporation ever, making over $1,600 every second.

- How the big JP Chase bank is taking aim at Apple, Google and Samsung with its own mobile payment app

-How he thinks Apple blew it with its new $99 pencil stylus

-How Google's Chrome browser has become the new standard in speed and power

-A study showing that people spend a third of their day - five hors or more - checking their smartphones

Plus, in his apps of the week, Mike features three great and free apps to help you plan your Thanksgiving meal.

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Oct 29, 2015

PCM 37: Is Apple TV really "the future of television?"
The new Apple TV is available in stores and while it is indeed pretty cool, it does lack some important things.
PC Mike tells you what you need to know before buying.
Also, we talk about:
-A cool app that will tell you if someone has died in your house
- How Apple just kicked off 250 apps that were spying on users
- A Windows 10 Update is on the way
- Podcasts are coming to Google Play for Android users
- Paul Ulerich, the "Uber User," talks about switching your phones operating system
-We review three apps that will help you find restaurants and make reservations. PC Mike tells his favorite app and cautions us about why you can't necessarily trust online reviews
In the main interview this week, Mike tells to Cybersecurity Advocate Heather MacKinnon from about precautions we need to take to make sure our mobile devices are not infected with malicious apps.
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Oct 21, 2015

PCM36 What You Need to Know About the Cloud
A No Geek--Speak explanation about what the cloud is and why and how you should use it
Our guest is Bill Fisher from a great online learning service called, which offers free classes on computer and Internet basics. Bill and PC Mike discuss the ins and outs of the cloud, addressing security concerns, usage and the future of cloud computing.
In the news of the week, PC Mike weighs in on:
- The Feds are About to to Require Drone Registration
- There's a new Drone weapon out that can "shoot" down drones
-Apple TV is about to reinvent TV viewing
-Facebook Promises to Alert You if the Government is spying on your Facebook account
-Facebook is working on a fix to its iPhone battery gobbling app
-How to make your iPhone battery last longer
-The latest on Microsoft's super hot Surface Pro combination tablet and laptop computer
Also, Mike shares three apps that will hep you better manage your smartphone's data usage so you don't go over your cap.
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Oct 15, 2015

PCM35 Apple VS Microsoft, iOS VS Android
The Tech News this week seems to be focusing on rivalries. We tell you the latest as Apple and Microsoft go head-to-head and Android tries to best the iPhone.
We talk specifically about:
- The release date for the iPad Pro and why Apple hopes it reverse its lackluster financial this year
- How the response for the just announced Microsoft Surface Book laprop/tablet has been so overwhelming that delivery has now been pushed from Oct. 26 to five to six weeks in the future
-An FBI Investigation into Fantasy Sports Betting seems to be a reality as the scandal involving the popular pastime keeps boiling
-The iPhone 6S camera is bested by Android cameras
-85% of Android devices have at last one security vulnerability
Plus, tech reviews and the apps of the week.
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Oct 7, 2015

Has Apple lost it's Mojo? PC Mike thinks so. And Microsoft seems to have stolen it away.

In this episode of the podcast, Mike outlines some of the problems and issues Apple has been having lately, many centered around a general lack of innovation.

Mike is so disappointed that he's actually thinking of changing his entire technology ecosystem from Apple to Windows.

Why does he think Microsoft has become the hottest tech company today? A big reason can be seen in Microsoft's recent product announcements. Giving us five takeaways from that big event is Sean Michael from

Plus, we have reviews of cool bluetooth speakers and some handy apps that can remind you of maintenance chores you need to do around your house to get ready for cold weather.

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Paul Ulreich, Verizon's "Uber User," tells us about Bluetooth Speakers

Here’s the three Paul reviews:


PC Mike Producer Andrew Dietderich reviews three home maintenance apps.

Home Maintenance Schedule Pro helps you keep track everything from when you should flush your water heater and inspect fire extinguishers to when you should have your chimney swept and tune up your furnace. It also includes a list of maintenance that should be done annually or every six or three months. The app is $1.99 for Android.

For Apple devices, the Home Maintenance app alerts you to what needs maintenance or repair. Choose from the app’s predefined list of suggested maintenance tasks or create your own. Home Maintenance also keeps a record of repairs so you will never have to wonder about things like when it was that you last changed your furnace filters. The app is $4.99.

For both iOS and Android, the HomeKeepr app sets up reminders for all your home maintenance tasks. HomeKeepr also has a directory of local home improvement specialists should you need additional help. The app is free.

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Sep 30, 2015

PCMike 33: The Mobile Pay Revolution Has Begun
Dump those fat wallets and exchange them for your mobile wallet
Samsung and Apple are about to change forever the way goods and services are bought in the U.S..
The two may be competitors but their unique ways of using mobile pay is about to transform retail in the U.S. From Apple Pay to the just activated Samsung Pay, consumers are going to be able to have safer, more secure ways to pay for goods (much safer than handing someone your credit card) and they're going to be able to get special discounts and rewards that - besides convenience - will make it worthwhile.
Our main guest for this episode of the PC Mike Podcast is Silvio Tavares, CEO and President, The CardLinx Association. a nonprofit that works to educate consumers and retailers about various electronic forms of payment and loyalty programs. They recently put out a report called "Mobile Pay 101," and Tavares will explain why you will want this technology and want it right now.
Plus, Mike has the latest on Apples new El Capitan operating system, news that Twitter will soon let you use more than 140 characters and a strange case in Australia where the "unfriending" of someone was judged to be bullying.
Andrew Dietrich also checks in with the apps of the week and Verizon Uber User Paul Ulreich reviews three very cool types of bluetooth earphones.
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Sep 22, 2015

PCM32: iPhone tricks, iOS9 and how to keep email private
PC Mike Wendland delivers the tech news of the week with a whole bunch of great tips.
This week, he tells us how the free email providers like gMail, Yahoo and Hotmail profit from your "free" accounts by eavesdropping on your email and then delivering targeted ads to you based on what you are writing about. He offers up an email service that can keep your email private.
Plus, with PC Mike Producer Andrew Dietderich, this episode suggests some new third party apps w=that work with Apple's new iOS9 to block unwanted ads and - in the process - save your battery life.
Speaking of which, Andrew shares some little known tips on how to make your iPhone battery last longer.
Verizon Wireless Uber User Paul Ulerich checks in with a report listing the things about the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus that may cause you to upgrade.
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Sep 10, 2015

PCM31 Breaking down Apple's "Incredible" Yawner of an Event

It wasn't "incredible" - despite the gazillion times Apple's presenters used the adjective. We dissect each of the product announcements.

We review and discuss the new:

- Apple Watch update and accessories

- The extra large-sized Apple iPadPro

- The $99 Apple Pencil accessory 

- The redesigned Apple TV

- The new iPhone6S and iPhone 6 Plus S

We were, to put it mildly, underwhelmed.

Despite the fact that PC Mike is a huge Apple fanboy, he's disappointed in the overt-hyped Apple event and the products displayed.

Also this week, we have three apps that we review t help you record and edit audio files and we answer a listener question about backing up her important files.

In our "Thingamajog" of the Week section, we talk about the latest GoPro Silver camera and its many see and features.

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Sep 3, 2015

PCM30 Apple Watch: What to Know Four Months In

What you need to know about the way the Apple Watch is really being used and whether it is right for you

Depending on who you ask, there have been 3-4 million Apple Watches sold in the first four months of availability.

So, do those sales numbers make it a hit or a bust?

And how is it really being used, by real people?

To find out, PC Mike talks to Bernard Desarnauts, Founder of, which has been measuring the way the Apple Watch wearing community uses the device.

We learn about new apps about to come out for the Apple Watch, plus the things users don't like about it.

Besides this, we have lots of tech news, answer audience questions and share some great apps to help you make better meals.

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Aug 18, 2015

PCM29: Now You have to Worry About Ransomware!

Digital thieves lock you out from your own computer and demand a ransom to get them back

It's another scam to worry about and it is happening thousands of times a day. We interview a victim and tell you what you need to do to protect yourself.

Plus Tech News of the week:

Cord cutters dumping cable: New screens are getting their loyalty

Video games and aggressive behavior: Psychologists label it a "risk factor"

Amazon disputes accuracy of NYT story: Jeff Bezos says his company isn't nearty as bad as the New York Times says.

App of the Week: Battery saving apps for your smartphoneApps of the week review

Apps to improve the battery life of your smartphone

A review of Samsung's newest smartphone and phablet

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Aug 12, 2015

PCM28 Your Internet Addiction may be a form of mental illness

More and more of us just can't put our Internet devices down. It's time to get a grip on the problem of Internet addiction.

Many mental health experts now think compulsive Internet use is a form of mental illness.

In this week;s episode, we give you some very helpful tools that will help you find out  if you have a problem with the way you use the Internet and  technology.

That's one of a bunch of topics we tackle this week, including:

- The staggering number of Facebook users whose accounts are hacked or compromised every day

- The new Apple iPhones expected to be announced in a couple weeks

- Why LOL is no longer the way most people express laughing when texting

- What Google's new holding company Alphabet means to Internet users

Plus a report from our Uber User on some apps that will keep you connected to the latest football news

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Aug 6, 2015

PCM25: Five Tips Every Windows 10 User Needs to Know Now!

Windows 10 is all new...yet familiar...and, sometimes, confusing. In this episode, we tell you what you need to know about it right now.

First, we answer listener questions about:

-A Samsung Note 4 that won't play video

-An Apple Watch that has lost connection with its iPhone

Also this week...

-In news of the week, we talk about another study linking cancer to cellphone use, hacking vulnerabilities affecting 950 million Android Phones, the latest on Apple's new streaming music service and a hot new printer from Epson that does away with the money-sucking ink cartridges.

- In the "Thingamajig-of-the-Week" section, Verizon Uber User Paul Ulerich talks about some handy tools he uses for his life on the go.

- PC Mike Procucer Andrew Dieterich checks in with reviews of apps that will speed up your tablets and smartphones by deleting junk files.

- And Mike interviews Editor Sean Michael about the top five features new users of Windows 10 need to know.

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Jul 30, 2015

In this episode, we talk to a leading expert who helps us understand the extent of the problem and what parents and grandparents can do to make sure their kids use technology in a responsible way,

But first, we answer a listener's question about Internet access in rural areas where cable and cellular high speed access is not available or affordable. PC Mike talks about Home Satellite Internet access, recommending a service called Wild Blue

In News of the week, we talk about:

-Windows 10 and our take on the=is new and much improved operating system. Should you get it? What's so great about it? 

-China wants to reduce U.S. I=influence on the Internet. What does this mean to you?

- The dangers of taking selfies while driving.How common is this practice? You will be stunned by the stupidity of so many.

In our Apps of the Week we look at fun geocaching apps to help you enjoy the outdoors.

And out main discussion topic on Screen Time and Internet Addiction among kids, we talk with PC Mike Producer Andrew Dieterich, who then interviews his two young daughters on their Interbet habits.

And our main interview is with Dr.Dimitri A. Christakis of the Seattle Children’s Research Institute, a leading experts on the effects of screen time and media on young people.

He discusses:

-How much Internet use is too much?

-How to tell if your child is addicted to screens and the Internet?

-What limits should be put on Internet and screen use for young people?

-The healthy uses of screens and technology

-What a sensible "media l=diet" looks like for kids


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Jul 23, 2015

PCM25 Don't take naked pictures of yourself!


The problem of revenge porn is huge, say the experts. Mike's solution: Don't take photos of yourself in compromising positions!


Also this week, Mike and PC Mike Producer Andrew Dieterich talk abut:


- Car hacking and its frightening ramifications


- Massive security fixes for Windows users


- New video resources on YouTube


And our Apps of the Week looks at three apps for Yoga users.


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Jul 16, 2015

We need faster speeds for cable Internet!

Steaming video and music and video conferencing is going to be easier as Comcast announces major new speed boosts

Comcast increases speeds – Comcast is increasing Internet The company will increase the speed of its popular Blast! tier by 50 percent to 75 Mbps and introduce a new Extreme 150 Mbps speed tier.
Michelle Gilbert, a Comcast Regional Vice President, tells us:
- When and where the increases will occur
- How to reset your modem to take advantage of it
- How fast the new services are in terms of downloading bug files
- The new Gigabit Pro service, a professional- grade residential fiber-to-the-home solution that leverages its fiber network to deliver 2 Gbps upload and download speeds.
- And a new 1 GB tier that will soon be coming to residential customers
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Also this week...
News of the Week
Amazon’s Prime Day Fail – Amazon promised sales that were better than Back Friday on this week’s Prime Day. The consensus online: Few real deals, lots of junk… a major fail

Netflix to Boost rates – Netflix is growing fast but so will subscription costs as it adds more original programming

Microsoft consolidates stores – No more store confusion for Micrososft users. All the different Microsoft online shopping sites are being consolidated into one central site

Apps of the Week
Three3 apps that let you record phone calls from your smartphone -
Automatic Call Recorder allows users to simply record any or all calls. You can choose to save or delete calls in the app’s inbox – even add notes to calls and integration with Google Drive and Dropbox allows calls to be saved and synced to the cloud. The app is free for Android. A $6.99 pro version with additional features is available.

Clever Mobile’s Call Recorder allows users to record, play, and delete recorded phone calls. You set up where recordings are stored and can protect them with a password. The app is free for Android with a $5.99 pro version available.

For iPhone users, there’s TapeACall Pro. The app allows users to record calls already in progress or that are about to be made. Once the call is completed, recordings are instantly available and ready to be shared or saved. TapeACall Pro is $9.99 a year.

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Jul 10, 2015

PCM23: Coincidences or not, computer glitches prove we're too tech-centric

Were the so-called "computer glitches" this week at the New York Stock Exchange, United Airlines, and Wall Street Journal all purely coincidental or not?

We may never know, but the bigger question is - does it matter?

Fact is it shows you how dependent we are on technology and how a coordinated hacking event could cause such tremendous chaos.

This episode of the PC Mike Techcast kicks off with Mike bringing you up to speed on what happened this week, what it means and, more importantly, what it could mean going forward.

Mike's take is it is too much of  coincidence. There attacks - and possible other problems affecting the New York subway system and parts of the power grid around Washington, D.C. - have to cause suspicion.

Mike details how many governments and hacker organizations have their sights n U.S. corporate and governmental targets. 

We also talk about other tech news such as:

- Apple's dismal drop off in sales of its Apple watch

- Facebook changing policies in info reported to advertisers

- Alternate browsers to insure your privacy

- A great tech app that lets you professional edit your smartphone photos

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Jun 25, 2015

Windows 10 will be released for free July 29. but if you want it, heres how to get your "reservation" in.

Mike also shares his impressions on the Apple Watch. Now that the thrill has worn off, will he still wear it? 
He has some things he really likes abut the Apple Watch, especially the fitness apps and the battery life. But there's a couple things he is not so keen on.

With PC Mike Producer Andrew Dieterich, Mike digs into Windows 10.
-How do you get it?
-Is it really free?
-Will it work on all PCs?
-Will all my current programs work on Windows 10?
-What's new and different about Windows 10?

Plus, Mike and Andrew share three apps that hep you stay in touch with friends and family.

Complete show notes can be found at

Jun 25, 2015

PCM21 Oh No! I've been Robbed!
What to do before (and after) your computer is lost or stolen.
PC Mike shares the lessons learned when thieves stole his computers and electronic gear while on a cross-country trip.
He offers tops and resources to secure your gear.
Plus the news of the week:
-A new study shows the best times to Tweet
-Apple removes Civil War games from the App store because they show the Confederate Flag
-Microsoft rolls out Office for Android
In the Apps of there week, Mike shares three apps to keep you save from the heat and sun this summer
Links and resources in the show notes posted at

May 15, 2015

Two topics in this episode tihs week:
Why Apple can't deliver and how that caused PC Mike to cancel his Apple Watch order and how Facebook can harm your mental health.
Mike outlines the dismal delivery dates that the Apple Watch is having, with an explanation of why he cancelled his order.
And then t comes to Facebook, there are a whole list of potential mental health issues that it can aggravate/ We talk to Psychologist Doug Kenrick
and researcher Jessica Bodford.

May 7, 2015

Shownotes from episode 19 of the PC Mike Techcast

The World of Wearables: Apple Watch Watch, Google Glass Back in the News

With so much noise coming from the world of tech these days - it can be hard to tell to what you should pay attention.

That's why this week we talk about what you actually need to know in no-geek-speak terms about things like wearables (Apple Watch, Google Glass), drones, live video streaming and apps designed to turn you into an instant astronomer.

Mike and producer Andrew Dietderich even talk about some business cards from the world of tech fetching $10,000 for charity at auction, proving you should never,  ever throw anything away. Ever.

Many people, including PC Mike, continue to wait for their Apple Watches to arrive. Mike talks with Andrew about what he might do if his doesn't show up soon.

At the same time, Google Glass is back in the news thanks to a new patent and eyewear giant Luxottica saying last week that the next version of Glass is coming soon.
The World of Drones: FAA Addresses Drones, Kinda, With Announcements This Week

The U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Aviation Administration made several announcements regarding model aircraft and unmanned aircrafts (aka drones) at the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International Unmanned Systems 2015 conference in Atlanta.

Some of the announcements involved the FAA partnering with companies to gather news, monitor crops, and inspect train tracks. Most relevant to consumers/drone hobbyists, however, is the announcement of an app called B4UFly, which Andrew swears he saw on a vanity license plate while covering EAA in Oshkosh, Wisc. years ago.

The World of Meerkat: Live Streaming Now on Facebook

PC Mike did a report for NBC in March about Meerkat. A lot has happened in the world of Meerkat since - namely, Meerkat has dumped Twitter for Facebook with its Meerkat Update #2 (Read more)

Apps of the Week: Stargazing Apps to Up Your Astronomy Game

In PC Mike's report for NBC-TV this week, he takes a look at apps that up your astronomy game - just in time for warmer summer nights under the stars. Two of the best are SkyView and Star Walk.

SkyView is an easy to use smartphone or tablet app that provides an impressive look at space. Aim your camera at the skies and get a detailed display on your screen of the galaxies, stars, constellations, planets, even satellites that your device is seeing. Move your camera across the sky and your screen will change, allowing you to explore space from your backyard. Or want to find something specific, like the International Space Station? Arrows will guide you. Skyview is $1.99 and available for Android and iOS, including Apple Watch.

Star Walk is another stargazing app that shows celestial objects in the exact positions above you. It, too, uses your phone’s camera and augmented reality to get a detailed map of stars, galaxies and planets on your screen. There are also cool animated and 3D graphics to make watching the skies even more fun. For all major platforms and the Apple Watch. It’s between $2.50 and $2.99 depending on your version.

One Last Thing: Steve Jobs' Business Cards Fetching $10,000+ in Charity Auction

Jobs'  high school in California is auctioning three Steve Jobs business cards for charity. The cards were obtained by someone who did catering for Jobs. With a couple of days left in the auction as of this writing, bids for the cards were over $10,000.

May 1, 2015

It's time to do some spring cleaning of your tech world - especially related to maximizing the efficiency of your Internet connection.

In this podcast episode, we talk to Michele Gilbert from Comcast, who shares some very practical tips for everyone - no matter who their Internet provo\ider may be - that will help thei eke out every bit of connectivity speed possible.

Most people aren’t aware of all the value-add features available to them from their video, Internet and phone provider. What are they and where can you find them?
·         Your Internet service provider might already offer online security products at no additional charge. Are you taking advantage of them?
·         There are ways to ensure your home Wi-Fi is set up to give you the most robust signal strength and speed. Is your router located in right spot?
·         The number of connected devices in your home and how you’re using them can impact your Internet performance. Most people don’t even realize how many of their devices connect to the Internet. How many do you have?·         Figure out where in your house you use wireless most often and put the router within a clean line of site to that room.
·         A central location off the ground and out in the open is ideal.
·         Avoid putting your router on the floor, in a remote corner of the house, or near a window or other electronics, as it could impact signal strength.
·         Also, keep your router away from a fish tank. Wireless signals don’t pass well through water.
·         If in doubt, conduct a speed test to ensure you’re getting the speeds for which you’re paying.

Apr 24, 2015


In today’s busy and especially technology-driven world, it’s often not too hard to forget that when we add something to our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts, it can have major repercussions.


Our posts to social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram may not necessarily be written in stone, but they do not go away and can come back to cause major issues.


Diane Gottsman, national etiquette expert and founder of The Protocol School of Texas, joins us to explain in “no geek-speak” terms how you can use social media without it coming back to bite you.


During the interview, Diane mentions the following rules to live by when it comes to social media:


  1. Determine how you want to be perceived on Facebook, Twitter, and all social media outlets. Like it or not, your communication becomes a strong part of your overall image. Recognize this as an opportunity to set yourself apart as a person with integrity.
  2. Know that employers DO check your social media accounts.Some may tell you they don’t have time to visit everyone’s profile, but smart employers know it’s worth the effort before saying “yes” to a new hire.
  3. Google yourself.Observe what comes up, including Google images. Eliminate any questionable posts or pictures. Show respect for yourself and your credibility by keeping your posts (and your daily interaction) clean.
  4. You are what you tweet or post.People make judgments based on what they see and every post matters. Read through your stream and ensure it reflects your character.
  5. Don’t rely on privacy settings.Anything can be shared on the web. Download an app that will alert you if something is posted online where your reputation could be in question. Google Alerts will monitor the web and notify you when your name has been mentioned. You can find a variety of tools by searching “Reputation Management”.
  6. Dedicate posts emphasizing your achievements and accomplishments. Link to charities you support and let others know how they can get involved. Vary your content to retain interest. And, of course, only post if it’s the truth.
  7. Take your online presence seriously. Social media is a phenomenal way to connect, build a community of like-minded friends and stay current on what’s going on in the world. Use it wisely and you will reap the benefits. Abuse it, or disregard its importance, and you will eventually face the consequences.




We also talk about:


Comcast and Time Warner Cable called off their $45 billion merger Friday. The deal faced an increasing amount of pushback from just about everyone not in the deal. 


Google entered the mobile carrier market officially this week with its launch of Project Fi. It’s not quite ready for primetime, though there appears to be some potential for the offering.  Click the following link from The Verge to see how Project Fi stacks up against competitors.


The app called Clear has been making lots of headlines this week – promising to clean up your social media act by scanning your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds for potentially offensive posts.




Apr 10, 2015

Confessions of an Apple Fanboy. What was it like trying to buy the Apple Watch when it went on sale at 3 AM EST April 10? Was it worth it?
PC Mike documented the whole frustrating process of trying to pre-order the Apple Watch.
His conclusion?
Apple has had trouble making the watch, had only a limited supply that sold out within the first few minutes and is laughing all the ay to the bank because their legions of fanboys and girls will gladly give up sleep to buy a watch that will probaly be obsolete by fall and have to be updated.
But, hey, PC Mike's not complaining: He did get one, even though it won't be delivered for a month. Or more.
But what he is complaining about is an all but unknown law that has allowed the government to legally have access to your old email.
This is a scandal waiting to burst forth. Mike interviews a top expert on why the Justice Department thinks it should access to your old email whenever it wants.
This story is so scary tthat we first thought it was an April's Fool joke.
It isn't. We share what you can do about this.
We also suggest some great traffic apps that will keep you from being still in traffic jams.
Links, notes and resources at

Apr 3, 2015

Why you should dump your Internet Browser Now!
How to stop big business, big government and the bad guys from tracking your Internet activity.
In this episode of the PC Mike podcast we talk about how easy it is for you to be tracked online through your Internet browsing and how you can stop the spying by using an alternative to the so-called "Big Five" Browsers - Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera.
But there are hundreds of other browsers out there, among them is Maxthon.
Karl Mattson, vice president of international at Maxthon, joins us to talk about why the average person might want to consider an alt browser, why privacy is a problem, what the risk is for using browsers like Chrome, and  other reasons someone might want to consider the switch. 
Plus we talk abut Sling TV, Microsoft at 40, the coming Apple watch.
Shownotes at

Mar 27, 2015

In this episode of the PC Mike Podcast, we show you how to shore up your online privacy.
It's time to put a halt to being tracked, monitored, spied on or preyed upon online. privacy is a huge issue and it's up to us to take control of our privacy and stop businesses, hackers, spammers and the government from spying on our online activities.
We talk to a leading cybercrime expert, tell you about apps you can get to thwart online spies and tell you, step-by-step, just what you need to do to halt others from knowing personal details abut you, your activities and loved ones.Our main interview is with Tyler Cohen Wood, an expert in social media and cyber issues. She is a senior officer and a cyber branch chief for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) within the Department of Defense (DoD) where she makes decisions and recommendations significantly changing, interpreting, and developing important cyber policies and programs affecting current and future DoD and Intelligence Community policies.
Show notes and links and resources at

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