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Award winning reporter "PC Mike" Wendland, host of the PC Mike Techcast seen on NBC-TV stations nationwide, explores the latest in personal technology with no "geek speak."
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Dec 24, 2014

In this episode of the PC Mike Podcast, journalist Mike Wendland reveals his choice of the worst tech gadget of 2014 - Google Glass.

Google Glass sucks. There's just no way to make this turkey look good.

It'sthe worst tech gadget I've used used this year, shelling out $1,500 for it last January. It has a dismally short battery life, very few useful apps, is difficult to sync with smartphones and the public thinks those who wear Google Glass to be "Glassholes."


This podcast also looks at the massive threat posted by cyberwarfare. Mike says the North Korean hack of Sony Pictures is just the beginning of what will be many more battles with nation state hacking.

Special correspondent Marty Winston looks at the  the tech trends that shaped 2014 and notes:Home theater is a fad that is past its prime

  • 3D TV is a niche that hasn’t gone away but is not gaining major traction
  • Big pixel 4K, UHD TV is still all hype with no over-the-air broadcasting and limited content and hardware
  • Wi-Fi speeds are increasing
  • More smart home devices are allowing remote control of appliances
  • Surround sound receivers at the $250 price point is starting to show great quality
  • Wearable tech like pedometers and wrist bands are also more gimmicky than practical
  • Dash cams are getting smarter and easier to put in cars
  • Terrestrial radio is dying

Plus, Mike has a great app of the week to help you keep your passwords private and secure.

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Dec 18, 2014

In this episode of the PC Mike Techcast, reporter Mike Wendland reveals little known details on North Korea's elite and top secret Unit 121 cyber army that  is suspected of the massive hacking of Sony Pictures. He shares a white paper that uncovers:
- Where it is located
- How it operates
- How it is tasked to gather information and steal secrets and to attack U.S. businesses and governmental agencies
- What other countries have similar cyber warfare units targeting the U.S.
He answers a listener question about a computer that keeps locking up, offering suggestions on how to get things working right again.
The app of the week is a great tool that lets you share files, music, photos and large files between smartphones.
And in the interview of the week, Mike talks to a tech expert about the affordability of wide screen computer monitors, how to mount them on your desk and why everyone should have t least two monitors for the desktop computer.
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Dec 7, 2014

Award winning reporter "PC Mike" Wendland, host of the PC Mike Techcast seen on NBC-TV stations nationwide, explores the latest in personal technology with no "geek speak."

In this episode, Mike talks about:

- The lowest cost and best 28 inch computer monitor he's ever fused

- Why those "Fix your PC" Internet come-ons are not such a good idea for most people

- Cool apps to make sure you always get whatever you want at the lowest price

- Why there may be an iPhone 6 shortage next year

- How that Sony pictures hacker attack is causing near panic among many corporations around the nation

Mike interviews smartphone tech expert Rey Browm host of the Smartphones Made East Techcast on how to use a smartphone to run your life.

Rey talks about:

- Apple vs Android… who is winning?

- Smartphones  what to know. about the two platforms

- How they are becoming be the hub of our entire lives

- Carriers have no more exclusive deals. This is good for consumers.

- Rey doesn’t like the no-contract trend. “If you look at the numbers, you spend lots more when you ‘ease your phone rather than committing to a two year contract.”

Other Rey Brown Quotes:

“Android is the anti-Apple. You can do whatever you want with it. Apple has everything locked down.”

 “Android hands down beats the iPhone. I can do 10 times more on my Android than my iPhone”.

What ‘s on Rey’s smartphone?

His three favorite apps right now are:

- Refresh – For Apple iPhone gives quick connections and background on the people you are meeting.

- Google Inbox – Rey says it’s his favorite e-mail tool. It’s being tested and you need an invite to get it now. It bundles e-mails and organizes them in a way that will get you to “inbox zero.”

- Google Play Music – He loves the ease by which music can be uploaded for free – up to 20,000 of them!  Can be set for offline listening, too.